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Are magic mushroom weddings the new wedding trend of 2022? Evidently, there was more than one wedding introducing psilocybin party favours this year.

In June, the main organizer of a wedding party messaged our contact form requesting an exceptionally large bulk order of microdose gummies and Scooby Snacks. Undeniably ensuring their guests had a wonderful time—albeit a brutal hangover the following day. 

More than a little curious about how everything transpired, we followed up to find out how it went. Elise, the party planner and matron-of-honor, gave us a little feedback. “I found a beautiful property on the Sunshine Coast right beside the ocean. An absolutely perfect setting! Most of the guests in their late twenties and early thirties […]. Most take psychedelics to some degree, so everything went off without a hitch! A noticable difference between this wedding and the typical booze-fest was the oneness and connectivity. Unlike weddings where everyone just gets sloppy and wasted, people were genuinely interested in connecting with strangers. Everyone sparkled with energy all night long!”

Bliss and euphoria on the dance floor. Warm and fuzzy hugs. Deep conversations in hidden corners throughout the night. Sounds like a dream! But is your image of a psychedelic wedding realistic? Before you start passing around a punch bowl of Penis Envy shrooms at your wedding, there are a few variables you need to consider.

Things to consider before adding magic mushrooms to your wedding menu

By and large, offering psychedelics at your wedding brings up many questions. How can you give your guests the utmost positive and safe experience? Your wedding should be a stress-free, happy event that signifies your love and union. Of course, adding psychedelics to the mix can certainly enable that, but there are definitely some things you should consider before adding psilocybin to the menu.

What to do about grandma?

If you’re inviting family and friends of the family, you may not want their judgment (not everyone is blessed with an open-minded family). And it’s tricky to offer mushrooms to some guests but not to others. 

Not to mention, unaware guests are going to be confused seeing people walking around acting elatedly different.  Many families also struggle with disconnect, dysfunction, and personal traumas which are hidden below the surface. While psilocybin mushrooms could definitely assist with addressing the healing that may be necessary, a wedding party isn’t the place for that work to go down.

Your best bet is to notify guests of your plans in advance and gauge their interest. It should go without saying that it should be up to the guests whether or not dosing is something they want to do. Ideally, people should have some experience with psilocybin or, at the very least, know what to expect. Remember that taking psychedelics can be very intimidating for those who don’t know much about them. Have fun with your magic mushroom wedding, but be prepared to answer questions that may come up for people leading up to the big event. Consider setting a designated person to be the point of contact for any psychedelic-related inquiries.

Mixing Psilocybin with other substances

Mixing shrooms with alcohol or drugs like cocaine can also be problematic. It’s also a bit unclear how much you can drink when taking magic mushrooms, results vary and can be unpredictable to say the least. Yet many people may expect an open bar when they come to a wedding and be choked if there isn’t one (another reason to keep the dosing light).

Magic mushrooms may not mix well with SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and other anti-depressants, which is something your guests should be aware of. Pregnant women and people with health concerns such as heart disease or high blood pressure should also avoid dosing.

Give your guests as much information as possible so they can make informed decisions. If shrooms are replacing the alcohol at your wedding, inform your guests in advance so that there won’t be disappointments. The fact remains that we live in a society where the average consumer is led to believe that alcohol is the main purveyor of good times (even though it kills over 3 million humans worldwide every year). All things considered, we can’t expect to break the stigma surrounding psychedelics overnight.

How to do mushroom weddings right

We can deduce that offering low to moderate doses of psilocybin is a better alternative to the embarrassing and messy situations you can expect with an open bar. Plus, you get to avoid a hangover!

Here are some tips for incorporating psilocybin into your big day in the best way possible:

Dosing for a Magic Mushroom Wedding

Take it easy.  A full-on “heady” and introspective psychedelic trip is the opposite of what a wedding needs. People writhing on the floor and crying as they relive years of suppressed childhood trauma is not what you want (although it might be what they need–this is not the place).

Less is best. Offering a couple Scooby Snacks’ can open hearts and enhance guests’ connection to the couple getting married and the other guests around them—if not the universe at large.  Microdosing is the perfect grounding solution in a world where weddings can often feel like a burden, a chore, or worse: the expensive exhausting finale of an endless to-do list.

Consider a low dose of 100mg – 250mg and add to that slowly and carefully.  Anything more than a gram (1000mg) may be too intense at a wedding, particularly for those who don’t have much experience with psychedelics. Make sure that your magic mushroom wedding is as safe as possible.

Utopia’s Golden Teacher or Penis Envy Scooby Snacks are a great, easy way to offer mushrooms to your guests. The capsules have a perfectly measured 250mg of psilocybin mushroom per capsule, which will make you feel euphoric without getting too trippy. The capsules also contain ginseng, bee pollen, and ginkgo biloba, which all contribute to an energetic and uplifted mood.  For those after the simple enjoyment of chewing on a delicous magic mushroom gummy, our Cherry Cola Gummies are just that.


Adding cozy chill-out areas guests can relax and chat in really enhances the effects of the mushrooms. People may also prefer the option to be outside and look at the stars and trees.  You could opt for silence, have a great playlist going, or hire a legit and proper DJ.

If you want to add shrooms to your wedding, consider the state of mind your guests will be in. Try to meet their various needs in advance. For example, if someone has children to care for, they might not be in the right mindset and won’t be well equipped.

Remember that mushrooms affect people differently

Magic mushrooms are amazing, but there will be folks who don’t respond well to them. Keep in mind that some of your guests may prefer not to take any. Others may be wary not knowing what effect the mushrooms will have on them. Be respectful, safe, and considerate with your magic mushroom wedding.

In addition to offering low doses, consider a sober “trip sitter” who will refrain from taking shrooms. They will be present and available to offer assistance to anyone feeling anxious. This will allow you and your loved ones to be able to relax in your experience.  If you’re seeking someone outside of your circle, send us a query in the contact form. We’ll be happy to pass along recommendations for experienced and qualified professional trip-sitters.

Have fun at your Magic Mushroom Wedding!

In summary, if your circle of family and friends are somewhat open-minded, adding a moderate dosage of psilocybin mushrooms at your wedding is a great way to induce openness and connectivity, intelligent thought-provoking conversations, and open up a new pathway of conscious and mindful behavior.


Planning a magic mushroom wedding? Send us an email, and we’ll help you figure out the best and safest way to add some magic to your party!

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