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Image of 3 B+ Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms with distinctive caramel-colored caps and robust stems, ideal for psychedelic exploration.


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$99 Love Bundle!

Embark on a journey of heart-opening wellness with our $99 "Self-Love Bundle" - and save over $100!  Each box is a trove of psilocybin wellness products, crafted to harmonize your body and soul.

Afterglow Magic Mint Microdose Tea (150mg x 5)

Discover the serene embrace of Utopia’s Afterglow Magic Mint Microdose Tea. Each sachet blends 100% organic peppermint and spearmint, known for their digestion-aiding properties, with 150mg of Golden Teacher magic mushrooms. This unique combination enhances the comfort of the psilocybin experience, ensuring a smoother and more settling journey. Ideal for moments of introspection and rejuvenation, the invigorating freshness of mint complements the subtle, grounding power of mushrooms. Experience a mindful, comforting journey with every cup – a perfect choice for those seeking tranquility, a touch of magic, and a lingering Afterglow. 5 tea bags per pack. 150mg of psilocybin mushroom per sachet.

Afterglow Reishi-Berry Shroom Tea (1000mg per)

Each bag of Utopia's Afterglow Reishi-Berry Shroom Tea contains a 100% organic medley of wild harvested Red Reishi mushroom, 9 premium organic berries, and 1000mg of Golden Teacher mushrooms per tea bag.

Amazonian Magic Mushrooms

Discover Amazonian magic mushrooms, a potent mushroom used in ancient rituals all the way to modern exploration. With its roots in indigenous ceremonies amongst the biodiverse flora and fauna of the Amazon, this strain offers deep introspection and vivid visions. Ideal for the experienced, and enlightened, its notable potency enriches creativity and elevates gatherings. Embrace an ancient legacy of wisdom through the potent transformative journey of Amazonian magic mushrooms.

Avery’s Albino Magic Mushrooms

Dive into the unique world of Avery's Albino magic mushrooms, a stunning strain known for its true albino appearance and creatively euphoric effects. With a rapid onset and mellow, introspective high, Avery's Albino psilocybe cubensis is perfect for those seeking a less intense, yet deeply engaging psychedelic experience. Ideal for both introspection and social settings, Avery's Albino offers a journey of discovery and connection.

B+ Magic Mushrooms

Embark on your psychedelic journey with B+ Magic Mushrooms! Celebrated for its warm, spiritual, and visually engaging experiences, B+ is ideal for both beginners and seasoned explorers. Similar in effect to the renowned Golden Teachers.

Blue Meanies Magic Mushrooms

Blue Meanies magic mushrooms are a potent l'il psilocybe cubensis, ideal for those ready to transcend the milder B+ and Golden Teacher experiences. Originating from tropical Australia, these mushrooms are known for their intense potency, bridging the gap to deeper psychedelic realms.

Brazilian Magic Mushrooms

Long and fleshy with small brown caps and yellow stems, these mushrooms can trace their usage back to the indigenous tribes of the Amazon and Southern Brazil.

Caramel-Gold Psilocybin Chocolate Bar (6000mg)

Experience the luxurious blend of creamy caramel and powerful Amazonian magic mushrooms with Utopia's "Caramel-Gold" psilocybin chocolate bar. Each 6000mg (6 gram) bar offers 24 precisely dosed squares for personalized psychedelic journeys, from microdosing to hero-dosing. Embrace this small-batch, organic, and fair trade creation for a delicious and conscious awakening.

Cherry Cola Shroom Gummies (150mg per / 3000mg total)

Our premium Cherry-Cola shroom gummies are the perfect way to get a precise measured dose in. Each of our delicously

Cherry-Cola Shroom Gummies (500mg per / 3500mg total)

Each of our delicously psychedelic Cherry-Cola psilocybin gummies contains a total of 500mg (1/2 gram) of Blue Meanie magic mushrooms per gummy candy! 7 Gummies per bag for a total of 3500mg (3.5 grams). Divide it in half for microdosing, eat 2 – 3 for a moderate shroom dose, or eat the whole bag for a total psychedelic experience!  

Clarity Microdose Capsules (50mg psilo per capsule)

Utopia’s Clarity microdose capsules contain a synergistic blend of organic Lion’s Mane mushroom and psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms formulated to help promote cognitive health and neurogenesis.